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Many people have misconceptions about Florida and Florida retirement living. This article will address 10 myths about living in Florida and why the Villages Vic Beasley Jr Shirt , Fl of Terra Vista and Citrus Hills defies those myths:

Myth #1: Florida is overcrowded.

Actually West Central Florida, the location of the Villages, Fl of Terra Vista and Citrus Hills is located in Citrus County, Florida. Citrus County has done a great job of controlled growth. It has a population density of only 202 persons per square mile.

Myth #2: Florida is for Tourists.

The areas surrounding the Villages are certainly attracters for tourists. The abundant nature, beautiful wildlife, and access to many waterways make it so. Tourists Matt Ryan Shirt , however, are mostly attracted to the large amusement parks in the central part of the state. The amount of tourism coming to West Central Florida is enough to keep businesses thriving and property taxes low, but not enough to disturb our tranquil lifestyle.

Myth #3: Florida's wildlife , such as snakes and alligators, make it a dangerous place to live.

These fears are greatly exaggerated. General precautions, such a keeping grass mowed and never feeding alligators or crocodiles are common sense approaches to avoiding encounters with these creatures. Only 4 alligator attacks are reported each year in Florida. In addition Devonta Freeman Shirt , of the 50 species of snakes living in Florida, only 6 are venomous.

Myth #4 Florida is always hot and humid.

Florida is actually quite seasonal, with far less extremes than other areas. Average highs during the winter months are in the 60s; average lows in the 40s. The summer months have average highs of 90 and lows in the 70's. During the hottest months, Florida has a rain pattern that provides almost daily showers that cool the evenings and keep plants and lawns green.

Myth #5: Florida is in constant danger of hurricanes.

The North Atlantic hurricane season overall in 2009 ranked as the slowest since the El Nino year of 1997.

Myth #6: Florida is completely flat and non-scenic.

Florida has a very varied landscape. Although areas near the coastline and beaches are mostly level, there are areas of elevation. In fact, three of the top 25 most elevated cities in Florida are right near the Villages Calvin Ridley Shirt , Fl of Terra Vista and Citrus Hills: Brooksville, Spring Hill, and Istachatta. Ocala, a city famous for its horse farms and rolling hills, is also a great example of Florida's landscape.

Myth #7: Florida lifestyles are centered around the beach only.

The West Central Florida are offers access to beautiful beaches without the hassle of greater traffic, higher crime rates Julio Jones Shirt , and violent weather conditions found when living directly on the beach. The villages of Citrus Hills and Terra Vista are adjacent to beautiful golf courses, nature trails, and fresh water springs that allow for a varied lifestyle.

Myth #8: Florida's property taxes are too high.

South Florida is known for its high property taxes, but the West Central Florida area has property taxes well below the national average. Florida offers a homestead exemption for the owners property of residence, and recent legislation has been passed to keep property taxes low. Of course, now is the time to lock in the lower property tax rates available in the depressed housing market Qadree Ollison Shirt , Floridians with homestead exemptions can not have throe property taxes raised by more than 3% in any one year.

Myth #9: All Floridians are senior citizens.

Florida is a great place to retire and attracts many seniors due to its temperate climate and attractive pricing. It's also true, however, that Florida's business-friendly laws offer families and younger people a great place to live and work. This means that West Central Florida provides a mix of residents. Those who with to live in a retirement only community can certainly find many to choose from, while those who desire a greater mix of ages will easily fulfill their desires.

Myth #10: Florida's traffic is terrible.

The Villages, Florida of Terra Vista and Citrus Hills are conveniently located next to many low traffic highways such as the Suncoast Toll Road, connecting Brooksville and Tampa Bay John Cominsky Shirt , the Florida Turnpike, which connects to areas throughout the state, and I-75 for Interstate travel. Of these roads, I-75 is the most busy, but except for busy holiday traffic, the road is certainly easy to travel. West Central Florida has managed growth extremely well forth last couple of decades Kendall Sheffield Shirt , and our road system handles local traffic efficiently and safely.

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