4K and 8K: Which one do you choose

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4K and 8K: Which one do you choose

Beitragvon Bottlentine » Fr 2. Feb 2018, 13:05

8K is obviously superior to 4K in many aspects. For people who want to buy 4K TV, you may struggle for a right choice. 4K or 8K? Actually, every new technology needs a process of acceptance and adaptation. 4K is the case, and so will 8K. Currently, Due to the restriction of camera equipment, it’s hard to shoot enough 8K contents and many people will be put off by the price of 8K TV. The large size of 8K videos is still a problem. For more information , you can check here: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/4k-vs-8k.html
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