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Medcalf: I just think coaches will mimic Calipari over the other coaches on the list. There wasn't a blueprint after the NBA changed its age limit in 2006. At the time, it seemed as if players might choose to be like Kevin Durant and find a program that would give them the green light and a proper audition for NBA execs. But Calipari convinced players to join forces and enhance their odds of both reaching the next level and competing once they get there. Even if the NBA changes its rules, Kentucky will get the Trae Youngs and other players who will treat college basketball like the G-League before entering the draft.

I also think he's changed the TV product. Who else could get ESPN to televise a practice or an exhibition trip to the Bahamas or an NBA combine he'd arranged for his players, which was attended by more than 30 scouts and executives? Calipari is a player's coach. He's given his players a platform and showcase to reach the next level. We're entering a world where college basketball will have to compete with the G-League, international basketball and other routes to the NBA. The product's entertainment value and access have always been its advantages. You'll see more programs offering an "exclusive" televised or streamed product in the future. Calipari has been doing this for a decade. His influence will last.
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